Leiden 2001

The opening ceremony...

The big surprise of 1st round, Quark beates The King... [Quark - The King  1-0]
Johan de Koning (The King), Thomas Mayer and Leo Dijksman (Quark)

The new Delphi program GoldBar against the big Yace  [Yace - GoldBar  1-0]
GoldBar has WB version too...and sometimes played that in Leiden.
Jan Kaan (book/operator of Yace), Bart Goldhoorn (GoldBar)

Theo van der Storm (coordinator), Leen Ammeraal (Queen) and Thomas Mayer (Quark) talking about ?...

Tao (Bas Hamstra) has played appealing in Ledien, and Tao has the slowest hardware...
LGoliath (operator : Erdogan Günes) with 1.2 Mnodes/sec was scarce against Tao!
[Tao - LGoliath X  1-0]

Bumpy road...Crux (László Szalai)  has a good chance for winning against the amateur
world champion SOS (Rudolf Huber)
[SOS - Crux  1/2-1/2]

...and the lucky Diep (Vincent Diepeveen) playing (and praying) to draw against
the favourite Gambit Tiger (operator:Hans van der Zijden)!
[Tiger - Diep  1/2-1/2]

Ant (operator: Albrecht Heeffer) try to win against the top Fritz (Mathias Feist). Nothing doing.
Ant played on Pentium IV 1.5 GHz!
[Ant - Fritz  0-1]

The surface of new IsiChess X (Gerd Isenberg) under win32 is very magnificent.
With black figures Crux (László Szalai).
[IsiChessX - Crux  1-0]

The King (Johan de Koning)
very sympathic pair from Nederland. The author of Spidergirl Martin Giepmans.
Spidergirl is Delphi program!
[Spidergirl - The King  0-1]

Insomniac (James Robertson) and Patzer (Roland Pfister and Frank Quisinsky) !
Difficult victory for Patzer.
[Patzer - Insomniac  1-0]

File-closers, 31337/Celes (Johan Hutting) and Mat(h) (Andy van de Putte)!
Mat(h)! is JAVA program !!
[Mat(h)! - 31337  1-0]

Ms. Winboard, Celine...:)


Goliath X against the top Gambit Tiger !
+4.2 score for Goliath X...and ...Tiger won !!

The 3rd place...Diep...

The crying 2nd...Gambit Tiger.

The winner is...Fritz !
Congratulations !